Baruda 53 5.1m x 3.3m 40mm log

4,295 3,995

Delivery & Installation

Roofing Material

Pay a 50% deposit per item


This modern bright and airy house, with three large openable windows and three quarter glazed door is a perfect space for a studio or a office room. This is one of the most suitable log cabins for entertaining guests in the garden during summer. Contact us today for more information.

Technical Specifications

Wall thickness 40 mm
Wall dimensions 330×510 cm
Floor size 16.16 m2
Ridge height 222.3 cm
Wall height 188.1 cm
Front overhang 30 cm
Roof area 23.79 m2
Roof angle 6°
Doors 1 x 1588 x 1957 mm D/Glazed
 Windows 3 x 710 x 1224 mm D/Glazed


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