Estonia 8.77m x 7.77m 58/70mm log


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The Estonia is one of our larger residential log cabins and comes with 58mm or 70mm log. This spacious three bedroom design offers great living quality that can be enjoyed throughout the year. It has one bathroom and a large kitchen and dining area which is perfect for the family or special gatherings. There is one door and ten windows allowing that natural sunlight to flow through your home. It has a patio area allowing you to see the outside view without leaving your home. This cabin is designed for all year round use or spending a weekend away with the family. Contact Log Cabins 4 Less today for the perfect Log Cabin Solution.

Technical Specifications

Logs Length : 7970 x 8970 mm
Cabin Size: 7770 x 8770 mm
Log thickness: 58 mm
Wall height: 2400 mm
Ridge height: 3500 mm
Roof area: ca 91 m2
Roof boards: 18 mm
Roof overhang: 300 mm
Roof pitch: 16°
Floor area: 69,60 m2 + terraza 1,90 m2 = 71,50 m2
Floor boards: 18 mm
Treated foundation: 60 x 70 mm
Laminated door: 5 x 890 x 2090mm
Window: 1 x 530 x 530 / 5 x 765 x 990 / 2 x 1530 x 990 mm


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